Kelly Rizzo Explains What Her Podcast ‘Comfort Food’ Has Taught Her About Grief

Kelly Rizzo is cooking up some yummy meals while also discussing important topics on her podcast “Comfort Food with Kelly Rizzo.”

“I have difficult talks about grief, and loss, and life with people while eating their favorite comfort food so it makes it a little cozier,” she told Access Daily’s Kit Hoover.

Kelly experienced a tremendous loss in January 2022 after the sudden passing of her husband, Bob Saget, and she’s since spoken out about how talking with friends and embracing cooking has helped her cope.

Kelly launched her podcast in November and told Access how the project has taught her important lessons about handling grief.

“I’ve just learned that these are topics that need to be actually talked about more,” she told Access. “People feel like it’s too dark and it’s too heavy and people don’t want to touch it a lot. I’ve just learned that it helps me so much just to talk about it and to not have it be so heavy because you can make these conversations a little bit more lighthearted, and maybe dare I say use a little comedy in there.”

And Kelly isn’t alone on this journey. She told Access that Bob’s friend John Mayer has really shown up for her since the “Full House” star’s passing.

“He was such a good friend to Bob and then when we lost Bob, he showed up for me in such a dramatic and intense way where he was getting me doctors that week. He was doing things that I say like literally saved my life,” she said. “Ever since then he’s been such an amazing support system. The episode with him is so special because it show’s a different side of him that people don’t get to see.”

John isn’t the only celebrity she’s had candid conversations with. Kelly has also talked to Katie Couric, John Stamos and Taylor Lautner.

Kelly’s podcast “Comfort Food with Kelly Rizzo” is available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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