Jordan McGraw Reveals How Touring With The Jonas Brothers Is Like High School

“It really is the happiness begins tour,” said Jordan McGraw, of opening for the Jonas Brothers who are currently on tour promoting their fifth studio album, Happiness Begins.

“It is the best tour in the world like everything you would hope. I really think we have more fun backstage than we do on stage, and we have a lot of fun on stage,” he continued. 

Jordan has been having a blast touring around the country with the iconic trio, and we’re not just talking on stage. 

While out to lunch with Nick and Joe, Jordan dished, “Nick just stopped and was like ‘Can we just agree to never forget how unreal this experience is?’ and that’s just kind of the whole tone for the whole tour.”

The boys are joined by Bebe Rexha, who is also opening for the Jo Bros. “Our dressing rooms usually share a paper thin wall, so I usually like do a vocal warm up through the wall to try to mess her up,” Jordan joked. “It’s like high school hanging out in the hallways.”

The group is not only fun but also really supportive, lending each other advice and input on new music. “We meet at the water cooler, talk songs and shows and stuff,” said Jordan, of what goes on behind-the-scenes.

Jordan’s fans are in for a big surprise on this tour. Sarah Hyland might just be accompanying him on stage tonight for a duet of “Met At a Party” at Madison Square Garden. “I think she might be in town. I don’t know. We’ll have to see,” he teased.

The pop singer teamed up with Sarah on single “Met At a Party,” and the duo performed it live for the first time at this year’s Teen Choice Awards.  

Like most of us, Jordan admitted he didn’t know the “Modern Family” star could sing! “I recorded it. We decided it kind of needed a feature, and before we could even kick around names for who it should be, Sarah heard it and was like I want to do this…literally an hour later we were in the studio,” Jordan revealed. 

Could a performance be in store at Sarah’s wedding to Wells’ Adams? Jordan is on board!

“I’ll start planting that seed,” said Jordan. “I would do it.”

— by Marielle Williams

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