Joseph Baena Is Ready For A Relationship But Says He Hasn’t Found ‘The One’ Yet (Exclusive)

Joseph Baena is loving life right now!

The 24-year-old fitness enthusiast sat down with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans recently and talked about the insane year he has had and how his dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, always supports his goals.

“It’s always fulfilling just to be able to say I’m doing it,” he said. “He’s so proud. It is always great to hear that from your parents…He’s very supportive of me getting to my goals, he’s happy for me and is always there along the way.”

And even though his dad has a famous last name, Joseph said it was important that he made a name for himself, revealing it he always wanted to use his mother’s last name.

“Well I don’t think it was a choice that needed to be made. I’ve always had this last name, it’s just something that really wasn’t a choice,” he told Access. “I was born with this last name, and I like this last name so I kind of just kept it. The auditions and landing these roles without needing to change my last name or anything you know it came from me, and I know that, and it feels a little more fulfilling.”

Regardless of his last name, being the hunky kid of a famous actor does impact Joseph’s dating life. He joked that dating in the modern world isn’t all that simple.

“The apps, I tried them. I tried some of them,” he said, admitting to Access that he didn’t use an alias. “I couldn’t do the apps. I just like talking in person. I love meeting in person, that is when you really get to see my personality. I am a big personality you know, I talk a lot, I’m loud, I move around a lot. So it’s hard to get that across over messaging. So it just didn’t work out for me in the apps. I got bored really quick with the apps.”

Joseph also hilariously confessed that he’s not down with DMs and prefers to meet people through mutual friends or at events he enjoys.

“I am so bad at the DMs. Sliding into the DMs I had to ask my friends,” he said. “Again, the messages, I just can’t do it. I’d rather talk to you in person.”

The actor clarified that he loves relationships and is a relationship guy but currently his life is so action-packed that he needs someone who will understand that.

“I know having a girlfriend takes a lot of time, it’s a lot of effort,” he told Access. “Even though I’m willing to do that, my lifestyle doesn’t make it easy. I would love a relationship; I like to date…but at the same time I haven’t met that one person that I would like to keep it going.”

Joseph has definitely kept busy. He had a whirlwind year, from starring in several upcoming movies to landing the March cover of Men’s Health.

“When I saw that for the first time I cried like a baby,” he said. “To be in that world and always reading these magazines, seeing people I look up to on these covers like Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, even my dad, it’s always been huge to learn from these magazines. So to have the opportunity myself to be on there and to try to inspire other people to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle and tell my story, it’s an insane honor.”

To Joseph, living a life that is honorable is very important. He told Access that it came from watching so many movies that highlight a warrior’s honor and doing the right thing.

“For me, really doing things in the right way for my family is how I want to honor my family and how I want to represent all of us,” he said. “So yeah, honor plays a huge part in my life and it’s a word that I use a lot because I want to live a life that is honorable and people can see and look at and be ‘he did a good job, he did it the right way.'”

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-Emely Navarro

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