Joseph Quinn Gets Emotional Thinking About First Day Of Filming ‘Stranger Things’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Joseph Quinn has captured the hearts of fans far and wide with his portrayal of character Eddie Munson on season four of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”.

The leader of Hawkins High’s Dungeon and Dragons Club, also known as the Hellfire Club, quickly became a fan favorite with his quirky yet earnest disposition. Not to mention the thousands of people swooning over his looks.

One of the season’s biggest breakout stars, Joseph Quinn joined Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans to walk through “The Stranger Things: Experience” in Brooklyn, New York, before sitting down for a chat about how his life has changed since the season aired.

When asked to describe his life right now, Joseph joked that “a rift is not far off”, in reference to the entrances that rip open between the town of Hawkins and the mythical world of the Upside Down featured in the show.

The “Stranger Things” breakout star went on to share that while he knew Munson was a very well written role, with a great character arc leading to a “really tragic and beautiful end”, he still never anticipated he’d be doing things like this very interview. “It’s crazy,” he said.

The original “Stranger Things” cast who have been working together since the show started in 2016 have essentially grown up together over the years and are known for being very close, but they still welcomed a newbie with open arms.

Joseph revealed that the first scene he filmed was when Erica is brought in as a sub for The Hellfire Club. He shared that each of the young actors is a “consummate pro”, however it was actor Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler, that really made him feel welcome.

“Finn came up to me at the end of the day, and he said, ‘I’m really proud of you’,” Quinn remembered, becoming visibly moved. “Yeah, now I’m getting emotional thinking about it. He’s not a kid, but he’s a young person, and to have that kind of […] that instinct to kind of be a family was just- I wasn’t expecting that.”

It’s not just the general public and his cast-mates who have fallen for the 29-year-old actor. When asked who is the one celebrity he’s been excited to learn is a fan, Quinn immediately said Jack Black, “Yeah. He said something on an interview recently, he mentioned my character and I have loved him since yeah, ‘School of Rock’ was one of my favorite films so that was […] the fact that he knows I am a person is quite funny.”

While there has been much speculation on whether Eddie will somehow make an appearance in the fifth and final season of “Stranger Things”, some fans have even speculated that he will return as a vampire but Joseph is adamant that he doesn’t know what is in store for his beloved character.

“I don’t know, [Eddie] feels kind of gone. I’d say, it’s pretty hard for him to, for them to bring him back I’d say but um, I don’t know.” He went on to joke that if there are conversations happening about season five, he is not a part of them. “I’m sure there’s been lots of conversations, but yeah, they’re the grownups talking.”

Whether he is brought back for future episodes or not, Joseph seems happy having played a part in the show’s broad success.

“I think moments like this happen once in a generation, really,” he said. “It’s a behemoth that connects with people and makes people feel good and the sentiment of it is that it’s appointment television. There is something in it for everyone and to be a part of that is the greatest gift of my life.”

Tickets for “Stranger Things: The Experience” are available now.

Joseph also had some fun with Access Hollywood and read some thirst tweets that have been posted by “Stranger Things” fans on Twitter.

— Hayley Santaflorentina

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