Julia Fox Slams Kanye West ‘Love Bombing’ Accusations & Reveals If She’s Ever Been Jealous Of Kim Kardashian

Julia Fox is getting candid about her relationship with Kanye West.

The “Uncut Gems” actress was on the Feb. 9 issue of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast with host Alex Cooper, where she addressed concerns she has received about her relationship with the rapper.

The duo have had quite a whirlwind romance, with splashy dates including a debut at Paris Fashion Week and the time when Ye coordinated a date night with a hotel suite full of clothes for Julia, all of which has caused some to use the term “love bombing” in regards to their relationship – a sentiment Julia doesn’t share.

“Why do you not consider it love bombing?” Cooper asked.

“Because he doesn’t have like, a shady ulterior motive. Which I think is super crucial in the love bombing element because you know in a typical narcissistic relationship in that way, it’s like you get love bombed then you get isolated,” Julia shared. “It’s like no, actually my friends are now with me 24/7. He’s not trying to like, have me to keep from, like lock me away, no. He wants me to be the best version of myself. Like that is always the conversation, always. Like how am I gonna… live up to my full potential? Which I think is amazing.”

What is love bombing? According to Healthline, “It happens when someone overwhelms you with loving words, actions, and behavior as a manipulation technique.”

The 32-year-old also got candid about Kanye’s ex Kim Kardashian, revealing if she’s ever been jealous of the Skims founder.

Kanye West & Julia Fox Make Red Carpet Debut Wearing Matching Denim Ensembles

Kanye West & Julia Fox Make Red Carpet Debut Wearing Matching Denim Ensembles

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“With how much the media is like ‘He wants (Kim) back, he was fighting for her.’ Have you had jealousy moments?” Cooper asked.

“No, not really. Listen, I’m sure there’s still some sort of residual feelings. It’s normal. It’s human. I also know that he’s with me now. That’s all that matters,” Fox responded.

She also addressed comparisons she’s received to the “Jesus Walks” rapper’s ex calling them, “unfortunate.”

“We’ve worn some of the similar looks, which I knew at the time of wearing them, I knew that Kim had worn it previously. But I thought it was cool that she had worn it,” she said. “It is unfortunate because women are always being pitted against each other and obviously there’s ten years of history that they have prior and I don’t want to ever like step out of line and speak on something that I have no place speaking on.”

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in January 2020. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star has since been dating “Saturday Night Live” comedian Pete Davidson.

As for the actresses response to accusations that their relationship isn’t the real deal? Julia doesn’t seem to be that bothered by anyone else’s opinion.

“I mean, time will tell you’ll (see for yourself),” she stated.

— Stephanie Swaim

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