Justin Bieber Says Kids Are ‘A Miracle’ After Bonding With Jason Kennedy’s Newborn Son Ryver

Justin Bieber is a baby whisperer!

The “Honest” singer recently got in some bonding time with his pal Jason Kennedy’s newborn son Ryver and seemed to put the little one totally at ease.

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During their hangout, it was clear to Jason that Justin was a natural in uncle mode. In an exclusive interview, the Access Hollywood special correspondent asked his pal where that nurturing side comes from.

“I’ve had a bunch of little siblings, and so I think that helps,” the pop star explained. “But I’ve always just had like a love for kids. It’s purity – you look at them, it’s like, it’s a miracle.”

Justin has long been open about his desire to one day welcome children with wife Hailey Bieber, but the married pair are enjoying their current chapter of life as a family of two.

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Justin Bieber Loves On Hailey Bieber At Grammys 2022: Hot Pics!

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Their current season has been a busy one, as Justin recently embarked on his Justice World Tour. The “Justice” artist told Jason that he’s found this experience on the road to be his best to date.

“This has kind of been probably the most enjoyable tour of them all,” he revealed. “I feel like I have clear vision for what the objective is, and I feel like I’m like the most emotionally stable. Like, I feel like I have so much support, and I just feel like I’m in a place where I’m going to be able to really sustain and have longevity … It feels really, really good.”

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Even beyond his tour, Justin feels that the place he’s at now is the best he’s ever been in.

“I feel the most secure,” he said. “I’m able to talk about the things that I struggle with, because I struggle with a lot of things. Patience, and just a lot of just things that everyone struggles with. And I think one of the main things that has helped me is just to talk about them.”

For those in the same boat, the 28-year-old shared these words of wisdom.

“I would just encourage people out there who have things that they’re going through to just open up with the people that you trust … You’ll be surprised by how expressing what you’re going through will help you get through it,” he shared.

Check out more from Justin’s interview with Access – including details on his new song and music video “Honest” – in the video below.

WATCH: Justin Bieber Says Kids Are ‘A Miracle’

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