Kendall Jenner Shares The Perfect Meme In Response To Being The Only Sister Without Kids

As the Kardashian-Jenner clan keeps adding new members left and right, Kendall Jenner is more than fine about not keeping up.

With Kourtney, Khloé and Kim Kardashian having welcomed seven children combined – and the latter expecting another baby boy via surrogate in the coming weeks – it can feel like a parenting frenzy when the entire brood gets together. Add Kylie Jenner and 1-year-old Stormi into the mix, and the baby vibes get even stronger.

The person who knows this best is undoubtedly Kendall, who’s the only one of her sisters who hasn’t added “mom” to her resume just yet.

And while the supermodel is a loving aunt to her many nieces and nephews, she isn’t shy about her decision to stay baby-free.

On Friday, Kendall posted a family photo featuring her sisters and their children – plus Kris Jenner, Corey Gamble, Travis Scott and Kanye West. The 23-year-old sat at the center of the kid-filled couch with a slightly awkward smile on her face – and her accompanying meme explained why.

“Pregnancy is in the air,” her second slide read, alongside a photo of a woman covering her face with a plastic bag as to not breathe any of it in.

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Kendall’s friends cracked up over her savage joke in the comments – and even Kim and Khloé replied with strings of crying-laughing emoji.

The catwalk queen’s meme proved that her stance on kids hasn’t changed since last spring, when she saw her sisters welcome three daughters – Chicago, Stormi and True – in a span of less than three months.

When Ellen DeGeneres talked to Kendall about the trio of births that March, she asked if it had any impact on her own parenting plans.

“I have moments where I’m like, ‘Do I have baby fever? Do I want a baby right now?'” Kendall admitted. “But I don’t. I don’t. I shouldn’t say that, but I’m good. I can wait for a little while longer.”

Still, the famous brunette gushed about how “awesome” it is to hang out with her sisters’ kiddos – at least for small spurts.

“I have all these little babies to play with, so I can play with them – and then just give them back,” she joked.

So, when will Kendall have babies on the brain? According to her, we may have to wait five or six years before she pulls the trigger.

“I want to have kids, but at, like, 28 or 29,” she told Vogue last year.

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