Kevin McHale & His Super Cute Dog Stump For PETA’s Pet Adoption Campaign

Kevin McHale has a busy schedule, playing senior high school student Artie on “Glee,” but he took time recently to help out needy pets in shelters.

The “Glee” star posed for a PETA ad campaign aimed at getting animals adopted, under the slogan, “Adopt. Don’t Buy.”

The cute pup in the ad with the actor and singer is named Sophie, a cuddly cutie he found at a shelter, following the encouragement of his fellow “Glee” castmates.

“I fostered her for a week to see how she worked on the ‘Glee’ set, and she worked out great,” he said in an interview with PETA. “A few months later, she’s still mine. I didn’t bring her back, I kept her… It was kind of just a no brainer to do it.

“There is somewhere else to look for pets and they need homes,” the longtime dog lover added, referring to pet shelters.

Click HERE to check out behind-the-scenes footage of Kevin and Sophie’s PETA shoot.

Jolie Lash

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