Khloe Kardashian Talks Past Business Struggles: ‘We Literally Had No Money’

Kardashian wants fans to know that her success has not come easy.

In a blog
published on Wednesday, the reality star and TV host opened up about the
struggles she and her sisters experienced when opening their flagship store,
DASH, a decade ago.

Despite what
some may think, Khloe said the venture was a risky one because she, Kim and
Kourtney were operating with almost zero business knowledge or start-up cash. 

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“We literally had no money,” she wrote. “The
three of us bought all our own inventory, cleaned the store, did our own taxes
– everything.”

Kourtney already had retail work under her belt helping mom Kris Jenner operate
her children’s store, Khloe said the trio still “bought business books and
asked friends for advice” to prepare themselves to run things on their

“We really fended for ourselves and somehow we just
learned,” she added.

It took a
long time for the boutique to begin turning a profit, which
Khloe said was a genuine worry.

“There were definitely months where we couldn’t pay our
bills. The store was just breaking even for six or seven years!” she
wrote. “We didn’t make any money, and it was really scary.”

Khloe revealed that she and Kourtney saved expenses in the
early days by sharing an apartment and walking to work, because neither of them
owned cars at the time.

The store was entirely dependent on their effort and
progressive learning curve, she added.

“Kourt, Kim and I were the only employees and really had
no idea what we were doing,” Khloe wrote.

The brand has since taken off and expanded to multiple
locations, but Khloe
said that the lessons she’s learned from DASH are ultimately more than just

After her father, Robert Kardashian, died in 2003, Khloe said
she spent the subsequent few years “partying all the time, drinking a lot
and sleeping in every morning.”

When Kourtney approached her to help open DASH, however,
Khloe said she was given a more productive outlet through which to channel her

“She saw that I was spiraling and wanted to give me
responsibility and a reason to wake up in the morning,” Khloe said of her
older sister.

The Kardashian name may now be synonymous with high-end
labels and luxury, but Khloe said it wasn’t handed to them.

“People think that my sisters and I didn’t have to work
for our money, but we did,” Khloe wrote.

Adding, “I think my dad would be really proud of

— Erin Biglow

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