Law Roach Reflects On Importance Of Prioritizing Self Care: ‘I Want My Success To Be Linked To My Happiness’

Law Roach is reflecting on the importance of self care.

The stylist attended Netflix’s “BEEF” “Release Your Rage” Event at Lombardi House in Los Angeles earlier in the month, and he shared why he was intrigued by the event.

“Right now, I’m just trying to do things that feel authentic and I can relate with a certain experience. And when Netflix came to me with this opportunity it made sense,” Law shared.

While speaking at the event, the 44-year-old reflected on the importance of taking time for yourself.

“I think we’re conditioned to look at working all the time as a badge of honor,” he said. “That’s not anything to be proud of. I think we need to change our mindset on that being (so important). Other countries don’t really do that, it’s like us. It’s America, like if you’re not overextending yourself, if you’re not working yourself to the bone, if you’re not barely making it, if you’re not sick, if you’re not annoyed, … you feel like you’re really aren’t being successful. And that was really one of my big things.”

“This whole time I’ve been suffering for success. And at that moment, I realized that I didn’t want to suffer anymore. I want my success, and I want my success to be linked to my happiness not to my unhappiness.”

“BEEF” is out on Netflix now.

— Stephanie Swaim

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