Mary-Kate Olsen’s Connection To Heath Ledger Death Revealed

Actress Mary Kate Olsen

While neither of the Olsen twins owned the apartment Heath Ledger was found dead in, the link to Mary-Kate Olsen has finally been revealed.

Diana Wolozin, the masseuse who found Ledger’s body naked and face down in his bedroom in a Manhattan apartment, called Mary-Kate before calling 911, according to a report in The New York Times.

But why did Wolozin phone the Olsen twin for help before calling authorities?

According to the Times, Wolozin arrived for her appointment with Ledger around 2:45PM. When the actor hadn’t emerged from his bedroom fifteen minutes later, she called him on his cell phone, but still no response.

She then entered the bedroom and saw Ledger lying in his bed. Assuming he was asleep, she began to set up a massage table near his bed. However, when she went over to the bed to wake him, there was no response.

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At that point, Wolozin reportedly picked up the actor’s cell phone and dialed Mary-Kate in California (who Ledger had programmed on speed dial) to ask what she should do, knowing Ledger and Olsen were friends.

But now news comes that Heath and Mary-Kate may have been more than just friends.

According to a report in People, the two were dating prior to his death.

“Mary-Kate and Heath were casually dating for three months before Heath’s death,” People quotes a source as saying. “They were hooking up, but neither were particularly interested in making it exclusive.”

According to police, when Wolozin told Olsen that Ledger was unconscious, Olsen said she’d call some private security people she knew in New York and hung up, the Times reports.

After shaking Ledger again, Wolozin reportedly called Olsen a second time and told her she was calling 911.

According to a new report, police said Wolozin spent nine minutes making three calls to Olsen, with a fourth call being made after the paramedics arrived.

However, according to the Associated Press, police say the calls don’t have a major bearing on their investigation because it’s believed Ledger was dead when Wolozin arrived.

At 3:26PM, nearly a half-hour after Wolozin first entered Ledger’s bedroom, she called 911 to say the actor was not breathing, according to The Times. The 911 operator urged the masseuse to try to revive the actor, but she was unsuccessful.

Emergency response authorities arrived on the scene at 3:33PM, with Olsen’s private security guard reportedly arriving around the same time.

After attempts to revive the actor, Ledger was pronounced dead at 3:36PM.

By that time, two other security guards called by Olsen had arrived, as well as police officers, who said that all five witnesses on the scene – Wolozin, the three security guards called by Mary-Kate, and Ledger’s housekeeper (who had been in the apartment) – were all fully cooperating with authorities, according to The Times.

When news of Ledger’s death began to circulate, erroneous reports began to surface, claiming the apartment he was in belonged to Mary-Kate.

However, soon thereafter a source close to the Olsen twins told Access Hollywood, “Neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley own any apartments in the building where Heath Ledger died.”

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