Meet The First Round Of Entrepreneurs On USA’s ‘America’s Big Deal’

“America’s Big Deal” has it’s first batch of entrepreneurs! The new show from famed entrepreneur Joy Mangano, and hosted by Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans premieres on Oct. 14 on USA. Each week entrepreneurs will take the stage for a bold and innovative product pitch and the entrepreneur with the highest dollar sales when the buying window closes at the end of the show will win the chance to strike a life-changing deal with one of the show’s retail giants: Lowe’s, Macy’s and QVC and HSN.

So let’s meet some of the potential entrepreneurs and their products, which may be featured in the first two episodes of “America’s Big Deal.”

Sherrill Mosee

Name: Sherrill Mosee
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Product: MinkeeBlue Mariah Backpack
Inspiration: Sherrill once ran a nonprofit organization helping low-income moms in college pay for childcare, and noticed they carried multiple bags – for diapers, a laptop, books, and more. She decided to design a bag that would eliminate the need to carry multiple bags and separate items so that her food never touched her shoes which never touched her makeup and so on.

Alicia Kelley

Name: Alicia Kelley
Hometown: Cary, NC
Product: Mr. Big Curling Iron
Inspiration: In her 20’s, Alicia struggled to find a curling iron with a longer barrel. It eventually dawned on her that she could create one herself, so she spent several years developing and manufacturing her product through trial and error, while overcoming personal and financial obstacles. The best part of her journey is that it showed her children that they can do anything they put their minds to and to never give up!

David Britt

Name: David Britt
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Product: SpiiderGriip
Inspiration: In 2017, David’s business partner witnessed a man drop his phone in a place that no one would ever want – shortly after, they embarked on a journey to invent a premium product that prevents dropped phones and provides ultimate security and maximum comfort for smartphone users.

Dr. Zonram Liao

Name: Dr. Zonram Liao
Hometown: Santa Fe Springs, CA
Product: Wellnergy Pets Dental Care
Inspiration: As a veterinarian, Zonram aims to protect the precious bond between humans and their pets for as long as possible, and believes that pet care, at its core, starts with a proactive approach at home. This is why he created Wellnergy Pets – to help take care of your pet’s teeth between professional cleanings.

Naté Bova

Name: Naté Bova
Hometown: New York, NY
Product: Naté Hair Masque & Detangler Brush
Inspiration: When Naté used deep conditioners, the heavy silicones made her hair heavy, causing it to underperform. But while vacationing on the beach in Mexico, she noticed that people were digging clay out of a hole on the side of a mountain to apply to their bodies, so she tried it on both her skin and hair. After letting it dry and jumping in the ocean, she noticed her hair had never performed better over the next few days. She then worked with a chemist to recreate a similar experience at home.

Dr. Curtis Breville

Name: Dr. Curtis Breville
Hometown: Denver, CO
Product: Original Daddy Caddy
Inspiration: When Curtis’ first daughter was born, he wanted to be involved in every aspect of her life, from feeding to bathing to playing. However, frustration set in whenever he couldn’t find what he needed for her, especially when he had to wake up his recovering wife to ask her where it was. Six years later, his second daughter was born, but he still couldn’t find a one-stop product that could help, so he decided to create a product that would make caring for a new baby a little easier for him and other new dads.

Brittany Cribbs

Name: Brittany Cribbs
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Product: Cloud 9 Easy Go Portable Memory Foam Seat Cushion
Inspiration: During a long flight back from Europe in 2016, Brittany found herself twisting and turning the entire time, miserable and unable to find relief. When she got home, she started searching for cushions to use on future trips, but couldn’t find the type she was hoping for – so she decided to invent one to create better travel and comfort experiences for everyone.

Daniela King

Name: Daniela King
Hometown: Miami, FL
Product: Seal Shoe Cover
Inspiration: One afternoon, Daniela left work to pick up her kids from school and was surprised to see that a passing rainstorm had flooded the parking lot. She only had a small umbrella, so she used grocery bags to protect her brand new high heels – but when she got to her car, the bags had ripped and her heels were soaked. She was determined to find a solution to this common problem and immediately began sketching her idea, which led to her practical, convenient, and easy to transport product.

David Shahan

Name: David Shahan
Hometown: Broomfield, CO
Product: DAZZ Cleaning Tablets
Inspiration: David has been working in the cleaning business for over 30 years. Frustrated by plastic waste generated from consumer products, he started DAZZ to disrupt the household cleaner industry with a product that cleans effectively, without harmful chemicals. These coin-sized tablets are safe and effective, and end the use-and-discard cycle of plastic bottles.

And for fans who want an early sneak peek – on Wednesday, Oct. 13 and Thursday, Oct. 14 in New York City, USA Network will celebrate small business being a big deal by hosting a shoppable Small Business District in Times Square. The miniaturized main street that will feature custom scannable storefronts to introduce the first two episodes’ entrepreneurs and their products to America.

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