Minecraft YouTuber Dream Shows His Face for the First Time: ‘This Is What I Look Like’

Minecraft YouTuber, Dream, is finally showing fans what he looks like.

For years the content creator, whose real name is Clay, has covered his face with a smiley face mask and prevented viewers from seeing the man behind the popular channel, until now.

On Monday, the 23-year-old said hello to his 30.6 million subscribers face-to-face.

“Hi, I’m Dream, and this is what I look like,” he wrote in the video description that gained more than 27 million views in the first 18 hours on YouTube. “After years of being completely faceless online, I finally decided to do a face reveal.”

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In the nearly 6-minute video, Clay went on to explain why he chose now to reveal his true identity.

“My goal was to just start doing things, get out, meet creators, say hi to my friends finally, just get out in the world, be an actual creator, be a person,” he shared. “I’ve been bunkered up—you don’t know the people trying to leak my face, trying to find out what I look like. There’s too many. It’s just a tiny bit too much.”

The content creator went on to share that his friend and fellow creative, George of GeorgeNotFound, was moving to the U.S. to live with him, and said he wanted to be able to share more of their interactions without the fear of his image being leaked or targeted.

“Probably a lot of you are wondering why now? Why are you finally revealing your face? You haven’t shown your face the entire time,” he said. “And it’s ’cause George, he’s my best friend, he’s been in the U.K. trying to get a visa to come to America to come move here, and move in with me and Sapnap….George is going to be in the airport, and I’m going to meet him for the first time. I’ve known him so long, it feels like my entire life.

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While Clay does plan on continuing his journey as Dream, he did note that he will not be adding a Facecam to his future Minecraft videos despite people knowing who he is now.

He concluded by thanking his fans for all the support he has received.

“Love you all. This experience has been so surreal. My life has and never will be the same. I owe you all everything and will do my best to always give it to you and give it back to the world,” he said.

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