Mischa Barton Teases ‘Neighbours: A New Chapter’: It’s ‘Salacious’ & ‘Intriguing’

Mischa Barton is taking on a “salacious” role in “Neighbours: A New Chapter.”

The star is set to play Reece Sinclair in the Amazon Freevee series, and she spoke with Access Hollywood about what fans can expect to see.

“I mean, so it’s a reboot. It’s coming back. It’s two years in the future. You’ve got Reece Sinclair. She’s my character. She comes in, she’s obviously new to the show. And yeah, she’s there for reasons unknown exactly. And I mean, she comes from like a very kind of wealthy the Sinclair family. They own like a massive company, like a Comcast type of thing. She’s there to check out the hotel chains, but then we really realize that she might have some ulterior motives. And then she also falls in love locally with an Aussie boy and gets a little bit sidetracked and then gets back on track,” she said.

The 37-year-old is also reflecting on her past role as Marissa Cooper on “The O.C.” which celebrated its 20th anniversary in August.

“No, it’s crazy. I mean, yeah, it’s a wild feeling. I was talking to Rachel (Bilson) about it when I did the, and Melinda (Clarke),  it’s just like it’s crazy, you know? Melinda had a three-year-old at the time, she’s a grown woman. Like, it’s crazy how time flies like that, but it yeah, it’s a good feeling and it’s good to get to talk to them again so recently too,” she said.

Mischa’s character Marissa famously died in the hit teen series, which shocked fans at the time. However, would she ever be interested in a reboot if it were to present itself?

“Oh, maybe, yeah. I mean, how that would ever happen, like you said. I always think it’s more likely that, like, some sort of a weird offshoot could happen. Or I know I think it’s been talked about like she might have faked her death, but it’s it’s unlikely,” she said.

“Neighbours: A New Chapter” launches Monday, Sept. 18 on Amazon Freevee, with new episodes being released daily, Monday-Thursday.

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