Neal McDonough Reveals His ‘Desperate Housewives’ Murder: Nicollette Sheridan!

Who kills Edie Britt? “Desperate Housewives” star Neal McDonough told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush in an interview for Access and “The Billy Bush Show” that he would be the one to do in his on-screen wife.

“I had to do something nasty to my wife in the show,” he said.

And Neal, who plays Dave Williams – a character with multiple personalities — on the ABC show, said it wasn’t easy to knock off Nicollette Sheridan.

“It was hard for me because Nic played my wife all year and she has become such a great friend,” he said.

And according to him, her death gets pretty grisly.

“I go hunting in the woods and I’m not hunting for deer,” he said. “[It’s] a little WWE.”

The star added that his murderous role has raised his profile with fans – but not necessarily in a positive way.

“Before this, people knew who I was but now it’s, ‘You’re the son of a bitch who messed with Mrs. McLusky, you’re the guy who’s killing Edie,’” he said.

He may not win over fans anytime soon, hinting that he may have more killing to do.

“I’m not saying who I’m whacking,” he said.

“Do you take out Mike [Delfino, played by James Denton]?” Billy asked him.

“Not in this episode,” he said, adding, “I’m sworn to secrecy!”

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