An NYPD Officer Belts Out To The Backstreet Boys Over Patrol Car Speaker

The NYPD just proved that they are the ultimate Backstreet Boys stans!

An officer from the NYPD used some “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” inspo over the weekend when he belted out a rendition of “I Want It That Way” over the patrol car speaker!

The singer in the driver’s seat, who has been identified by NPR as Officer Richard Gunther, transitioned between singing the chorus and holding the mic up to the radio for crowds to hear the Backstreet Boys playing.

A lucky bystander captured the impromptu performance and posted the video to Instagram.

Instagram users made it known that the officer must have been re-creating a hilarious scene from TV show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which follows the lives of fictional NYPD officers.

In one of the episodes of the comedy, Detective Peralta (Andy Samberg) requests that five men in a police lineup sing “I Want It That Way,” in order for a witness to identify the criminal.

Regardless of where Officer Gunther got the idea, New Yorkers and tourists alike were delighted by the fun surprise.

“So cool to see the humanity in our law enforcement,” videographer Jordan Haskins said in his Instagram caption. “A small thing like this can really give you some hope in such uncertain times.”

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