Orlando Bloom Isn’t Wedding Planning With Katy Perry For An Interesting Reason

Are Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry wedding planning? Apparently not!

The actor chatted with Access Hollywood at the premiere of “Carnival Row,” where he revealed he isn’t wedding planning with Katy Perry.

“It’s all about the baby steps of doing the work to get to that,” he said. “I think other people do the wedding planning, we do the work to get to the wedding.”

Katy Perry previously chatted with us and revealed she wants to wear something surprising at their big day.

“We saw you in sneakers and heels at the Met Gala, so sneakers or heels for the wedding?” Liliana Vazquez asked the “Teenage Dream” singer.

“Ooh, maybe a little bit of both, you gotta dance,” she said.

“Part of the Katy Perry collection” Liliana responded.

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“I mean why wouldn’t I?” Katy stated. “I mean that would be a missed opportunity right?”

Katy revealed in February 2019 that she and the “Lord of the Rings” star were engaged.

Sharing a snap with him where she’s rocking a huge flower ring.

— By Stephanie Swaim

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