Owen Wilson & Jamie Lee Curtis Rave Over ‘Glorious’ Sets & Costumes In ‘Haunted Mansion’: It’s ‘Stunning’

Owen Wilson was excited to help bring the iconic Disney amusement ride The Haunted Mansion to the big screen!

“The thing that really sort of got me excited about working on it was just speaking with Justin [Simien], the director, and hearing his ideas and his connection to it, and how determined he was to make something that lives up to what people love about this ride and why it’s such a classic,” the “Haunted Mansion” star told Access Hollywood of signing on for the upcoming film.

Owen admitted that before shooting the film, he had never gone on the ride himself, but he had plans to ride it for the first time the night of his Access interview. However, he said the process of making the movie in such impressive locations set a high bar for the ride!

“It’s also going to be kind of interesting, because I feel like, I don’t know – will the ride be able to live up to these sets that they built [that were] so amazing? That’s kind of one of the things that I’m looking forward to with the movie. Visually, I think it’s going to be pretty stunning.”

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Say ‘Wow’ To These Photos Of Owen Wilson

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Owen also raved over the costumes and teased that co-star Tiffany Haddish’s were ones to look out for!

“Just when she walked on set, seeing her … That’s another thing that I think is kind of cool that I’m looking forward to with the movie is the costume design,” he said. “Jeffrey [Kurland], the costume designer, did I think a fantastic job. Tiffany, I think, that might have been the best character, just in terms of her wardrobe and her look.”

“When she walked on set, it was always kind of exciting to see her,” Owen added.

Fellow “Haunted Mansion” star Jamie Lee Curtis was just as blown away by the sets and costumes for the movie, and she told Justin how much she loved them during their interview with Access.

“It is so unique and glorious, and really it is what gives the movie the gravitas that the movie has … I’ve never worn costumes like this in my life,” she said.

“Haunted Mansion” releases exclusively in theaters on July 28.

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