Pamela Anderson Gets Married For The 5th Time: ‘I’m Exactly Where I Need To Be’

Pamela Anderson has tied the knot for a fifth time!

The 53-year-old “Baywatch” alum married her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst in an intimate Christmas Eve ceremony, she told DailyMail.

Pamela gushed over their sweet relationship, “I’m exactly where I need to be – in the arms of a man who truly loves me.”

She says they first met at the start of the coronavirus lockdown, adding that their time together has been especially meaningful. “This one year together has felt like seven – like dog years,” she said, calling it a “natural fit.”

The ceremony’s location on Vancouver Island was also of significance to Pamela. “I was married on the property I bought from my grandparents 25 years ago, this is where my parents were married and they are still together,” she said. “I feel like I’ve come full circle.”

Both Pamela and Dan’s families seem to be supportive of the relationship, as Pam added, “I am in love. We were married Christmas Eve with both our families’ blessing, everyone we know is happy for us.”

Pamela was previously married to Tommy Lee from 1995 to 1998, and the pair shares sons Brandon and Dylan together. She later married Kid Rock in 2006 before calling it quits later that year.

She married producer Rick Solomon in 2007 before getting an annulment, but later remarried him in 2013. It was reported that she tied the knot to businessman Jon Peters in 2020, but Pamela denies that, saying it was just a mock ceremony: “We were never married. He is a movie maker and… I guess he just needed a little attention?”

A friend of Pamela’s told the DailyMail that her new marriage signifies a return to her roots, saying, “Pamela fell in love with the boy next door. This is who she would have ended up with if she never left Vancouver Island. It proves she’s the same little girl that might have lived there all along. It’s like everything else was just a dream.”

When asked if she and Dan had any plans for a honeymoon, Pamela simply replied, “Every day is our honeymoon.”

Former 'Baywatch' Star Pamela Anderson

Former ‘Baywatch’ Star Pamela Anderson

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