Paris Jackson Says Dad Michael Jackson “Caught On Pretty Quick” To Her Sexuality

Paris Jackson is opening up about her sexuality in her new Facebook Watch series, Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn.”

Paris recalled being lovingly “teased” by dad Michael Jackson when she was young, saying, “My dad caught on pretty quick. I think he just felt the energy and he would like kind of tease me the same way that he would tease my brothers, like ‘Oh, you got yourself a girlfriend.’”

Michael passed away when Paris was just 11 years old, but the performer, now 22, says she’s grateful to have had his support at such a young age: “I’m very lucky to have that, especially so young—I think I was like 8 or 9. Not many children have that experience.”

Paris further opened up about her dating history, revealing, “Never thought I’d end up with a dude. I thought I’d end up marrying a chick. I’ve dated more women than men. Been with more chicks. The public only knows about three long term relationships that I’ve been in, and they’ve been with men. The public doesn’t know about most of the relationships I’ve been in.”

As for how she defines her sexuality, Paris says she’s “gay,” but elaborated further on what she meant. “I say I’m gay, because I guess I am, but I wouldn’t consider myself bisexual because I’ve dated more than just men and women. I’ve dated a man that had a vagina. So it has nothing to do with what’s in your pants. It has nothing to do with your XY chromosome makeup…it’s literally just like, what are you like as a person.”

Paris went on to describe a meaningful gesture her older brother, Paris Jackson, made for her. “My older brother…I don’t think he even knows I know about this, but it was really amazing what he did when I went off to treatment for the first time. I found out from my old dance teacher, ‘Your brother joined the GSA club. The Gay Straight Alliance Club.’”

She continued, “When I went to my brother, he just said he wants to learn more about it and have a better understanding of it. I’m lucky to have that as well.”

Nowadays, Paris is in a relationship with bandmate Gabriel Glenn of The Soundflowers. “It is also nice to finally have a home base, which is something that I’ve never really had before,” she mused. “The only home I’ve ever had before was my dad and now I have Gabe, so…I’m very lucky.”

— by Katcy Stephan

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