Pete Davidson Claps Back At Ariana Grande For Calling Their Relationship A ‘Distraction’

Pete Davidson Claps Back At Ariana Grande For Calling Their Relationship A ‘Distraction’

Pete Davidson is opening up about his past relationship with Ariana Grande in his new Netflix special “Pete Davidson: Alive From New York.”

Pete breached the topic of his short-lived engagement to the pop star by addressing his jokes about Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s glass eye on “Saturday Night Live,” which he later apologized for. Pete joked, “The only thing I did do, which I am guilty of and I apologize for, is I did make that guy famous and household name for no reason. I did what Ariana Grande did for me.”

Pete confessed that he didn’t originally intend to discuss Ariana in his comedy special, however, he changed his mind when a friend approached him. “My buddy told me, he’s like, ‘Yo, I’ve recently heard that Ariana said she had no idea who you were and she just dated you as a distraction.’ So now I just think it’s like fair game.”

Pete’s friend was referring to Ariana’s Vogue cover story last year, in which she said, “I met Pete, and it was an amazing distraction. It was frivolous and fun and insane and highly unrealistic, and I loved him, and I didn’t know him.”

Pete continued by addressing what he thought the audience may be thinking: “You’re like, ‘Pete, this isn’t fair. You’re airing out dirty laundry. How could you do that? Where did she say this stuff? To her friends in the confidence of her own home?’ No, she said it on the cover of Vogue magazine.”

While Pete expressed that he isn’t competing against his ex, he continued, “Can you imagine if I did that? My career would be over tomorrow if I spray painted myself brown and hopped on the cover of Vogue magazine and just started s***ing on my ex.”

Pete went on, “Can you imagine if I did that s**t? Like, ‘Yeah, I was just f***ing her because I was bored and then ‘Fortnite’ came out.’”

This isn’t the first time Pete has commented on his relationship with the “Thank U, Next” singer. Earlier this week, Pete reflected on Ariana’s grief over her ex Mac Miller’s death, “I pretty much knew it was over after that. That was really horrible. I can’t imagine what that sh*t is like. That sh*t is just terrible. All I do know is that she really loved the sh*t out of him.”

— by Katcy Stephan

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