Pete Davidson Gets Candid On Past Drug Use After Rehab Stay: ‘Seventh Time’s The Charm’ (Report)

Pete Davidson Enters Rehab For Mental Health Treatment (Reports)

Pete Davidson has a sense of humor about his mental health journey.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum reportedly got candid about his most recent rehab stay while performing stand-up at Atlantic City’s Ettes Arena in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino over the weekend, telling the crowd that he’s “fresh out” of treatment.

“I got that post-rehab glow. Seventh time’s the charm!” he said onstage, according to People.

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The Famous Ladies That Pete Davidson Has Been Linked To

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The 29-year-old is currently on a comedy tour with John Mulaney and Jon Stewart and reportedly shared in his routine that he previously took ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic drug, on a daily basis for four years.

“It was magical,” he quipped of the experience, per People.

Joking aside, the “Bupkis” star also reportedly revealed that he went to Aretha Franklin’s 2018 funeral while high and expressed disbelief that he was able to function in public at all, let alone such a somber and prominent event, while under the influence.

Now, Davidson seems to be looking ahead as he approaches his milestone 30th birthday in November and reportedly said he doesn’t think his old habits will work for him in the coming decade.

According to People, the comedian explained that he doesn’t think anyone can do drugs in their 30s because “it’s not cute anymore” and at that point “you’re just a drug addict.”

Davidson has long been open about his personal challenges and reportedly sought inpatient therapy to address issues related to his borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, Page Six reported in June.

“Pete will often check himself into rehab to work on these issues,” a source close to the comedian told People, adding, “His friends and family have been supportive during this time.”

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