Philadelphia Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Stops Pre-Super Bowl Press Conference to Tell His Kids to Behave

The Philadelphia Eagles may be heading to the Super Bowl, but head coach Nick Sirianni has another important job – being a dad.

The 41-year-old was pulling double duty as parent and coach when he was joined by his children during a press conference on Monday. Sons Miles, 2, and Jacob, 7, and daughter Taylor, 5, took a seat with their father at the table. Of course, with some negotiating.

“Miles, you sit with me,” Nick instructed, with Jacob taking the seat next to him. “Taylor, you stand.”

“I don’t want to stand,” the 5-year-old quickly objected. At this Jacob stood to give Taylor his seat, taking his older brother duties seriously.

The move didn’t go unnoticed by his dad: “You’re gonna let Taylor sit? My man. Good job.” He made sure the reporters noticed too, turning to them, “Gave up a seat for his little sister. That was pretty special.”

Jacob took a seat on the other side of his dad and for the first few minutes of the press conference, there was smooth sailing.

Soon enough, though, the kids started to get a little restless.

Taylor first started fidgeting with her hat and hair while watching her dad talk. She then turned her attention towards the cameras, mimicking her dad’s hand gestures and facial expressions.

This caught the attention of Nick’s youngest, Miles, and Taylor started making faces at him while sitting in his dad’s lap. Jacob, too, started to shift around in his seat, at one point putting his face in his hands.

For his part, Nick tried to power through and stick to the conversation, before he needed to address his kids.

“You guys need to stop,” he told them. “Taylor, stop it.”

He then instructed his children to “look forward.”

Things remained relatively peaceful until the very end, when Taylor once again stole the spotlight, this time taking her hat on and off until it ended in a very trendy, sideways position.

NBC Sports Philly posted the exchange, captioning the video, “Nick Sirianni just made the Super Bowl but he still has to be a Dad too 😂😂”.

The comment section was full of praise for Nick for redirecting the attention of his kids and trying to keep them focused, with many parents commenting on just how relatable the video felt.

The Philadelphia Eagles will go head-to-head with the Kansas City Chiefs when Super Bowl LVII kicks off at 6:30pm ET on Sunday, Feb. 12 on FOX.

You can watch the entire press conference below.


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