Pregnant Mandy Moore Reveals Fertility Struggles: ‘I Was Fully Prepared To Go Have Surgery’

Mandy Moore is opening up about her fertility journey.

The 36-year-old star, who’s expecting a baby boy with husband Taylor Goldsmith, told Romper about her struggles to get pregnant.

“We did ovulation tests, all that stuff,” she said, revealing that she consulted a fertility specialist who believed she may have endometriosis.

“I was fully prepared to go have surgery and fix my uterus and hopefully get rid of the endometriosis, if it was there,” Mandy elaborated. “It was nice to have a plan and to know, OK, well, this is why I haven’t been pregnant yet.”

Ahead of the surgery, Mandy’s fertility specialist mentioned that she was ovulating, but the chances of conceiving were slim. “So I was like, all right, whatever,” Mandy said, before adding, “And lo and behold…”

Mandy publicly announced her pregnancy in September 2020, a decision which she didn’t take lightly. “Because of this issue with my uterus, I was very hesitant to believe it and put any stock in it. I sort of was holding my breath until 12 weeks,” she says.

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Now, she says the “little things” get to her the most as she prepares to become a mom. “Like, I was online buying pacifiers yesterday and I just turned to my husband and I was like, It’s real. There’s going to be a little human that needs a pacifier,” she said.

Mandy couldn’t help but gush over husband Taylor Goldsmith, adding, “I think he’s been suited to be a father pretty much his whole life. He’s been gearing up for this. Like in the morning, it’s funny, I’ll reach for my phone and he’ll reach right for whatever baby book he’s reading.”

Mandy says she hopes she and Taylor can raise their son well, adding, “I want to raise an intelligent, feminist, loving, compassionate young man, who respects women, and who understands boundaries.”

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