‘Prison Break’ Season 6 Details: Fox Exec Talks How It Came About, Cast Hopes

“Prison Break” Season 6 is officially the works!

Fox’s President of Entertainment, Michael Thorn, confirmed the news on Thursday at the Fox portion of the Television Critics Association Winter Tour.

“We are developing a new iteration of Prison Break,” the executive told reporters.

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“It’s very early stages of development, but we’re really excited about it,” he added

Dominic Purcell, who plays Lincoln Burrows, had hinted at another “Prison Break” revival in anInstagram post on Dec. 12, but there was no official confirmation at the time.


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Asked by Access after Thursday’s executive session panel about how Season 6 came about, Thorn said he spoke with “Prison Break” creator Paul Scheuring.

“‘Prison Break’ did really well for us last season and we got a great response. And afterwards, when we were talking about it — we had so much fun working with Paul and the cast — and we were like I wonder if there could be another chapter in the story,” Thorn said. “And so, quite honestly I called Paul and said, is there anything else we could do with it? And he’s like, I hadn’t thought about it. And a month later, he called me up and said, I think I have something and … that’s when we had that phone call and I said, let’s just do it.”

Past seasons of “Prison Break” have followed the story of the Scofield brothers – Michael, played by Wentworth Miller, and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic) – and their attempts to break each other out of the clink. Asked if Dominic, Wentworth and Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Michael’s wife, Dr. Sara Tancredi Scofield, would be back, Thorn said it’s still early stages, but he hopes so.

“In all honesty, we just heard the pitch … a very thumbnail pitch of the approach of the next chapter. And, [I’m] really excited about it. We don’t even have an outline for the pilot yet. And I fully expect that both brothers of course will be involved in the series and Sarah as well, assuming that they’re all available. There’s a lot to figure out when you’re bringing back the cast of a show where they all have busy careers,” he told Access.

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“But right now, it’s pretty early stages, and hopefully in the next month or two we’ll have really sat with Paul Scheuring and really figured out where the direction of the next season is going to go,” he added.

As for when it might hit the small screen, Thorn said, again, it’s early days, so nothing is set.

“It’s a good question. Haven’t thought that far ahead, but based on where we are now, I would hope it could be ready for like midseason 2019, but that’s not official,” he told Access. “That’s just my own gut hope.”

“Prison Break” star Rockmond Dunbar, who was at the Winter TCAs for his new drama, Fox’s “9-1-1,” told Access there were whispers that the show might return when the cast filmed portions of Season 5 in Morocco.

“I heard the rumblings [of a new season], but you know what? I heard the rumblings when we were in Morocco shooting,” he said.

Asked if he’s been asked yet to be a part of Season 6 (he plays C-Note in the franchise), the actor told Access he would be happy to be involved.

“I will be craft service,” he joked. “I just love working with those guys.”

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