Priyanka Chopra Felt ‘Very Proud & Honored’ To Narrate ‘Tiger’: ‘It Was A No-Brainer’

For Priyanka Chopra Jonas, narrating the new documentary film “Tiger” was a “no-brainer.”

“I love a good nature documentary, and Disneynature does some amazing, amazing work,” she told Access Hollywood of the film, which follows on a tigress raising her cubs.

“The filmmaking, the patience that it requires, the expertise that it requires to be able to follow these incredible animals and tell their stories from such close lenses and depth is fascinating to me,” she continued.

Priyanka also felt a home connection to the film, which was filmed in her native India.

“There’s so much conservation work that India has done to save the tigers that I was very proud and honored to be narrating this story,” she added.
Priyanka was able to narrate many special moments between the mother and her cubs.

“To be able to see these little babies and their moms – and them learning how to walk and tumbling and falling, and it’s like the same as a toddler – it was just amazingly fascinating to me,” she shared.

When asked if she related at all to the tigress’ strength and protective motherly instincts, she said that that a similar tenacity runs in her family.

“I think I related to that in multiple ways. My mom was like that with me – extremely protective and just a very – like, you wouldn’t want to mess with her or mess with me, because you know my mom would come,” she said.

“I feel like– I mean, it’s too early, but I feel like I might be turning into that kind of mom, too,” Priyanka – who is a mom to 2-year-old Malti – added. “But my mother was like that. My grandmother was like that. I come from a long lineage of really strong moms.”

“Tiger” begins streaming April 22 on Disney+.

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