Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden Say ‘Ambition’ of ‘Citadel’ Is What Drew Them To The New Series

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden are teaming up for the action-packed thriller “Citadel.

The duo, who play spies, in the series join forces to restore their memories after their independent agency is destroyed.

Priyanka told Access Hollywood that the concept is what drew her into joining the cast.

“I think the ambition of the show is very exciting I was very excited to work with the Russo brothers I think they owned this lane this genres’ them. If anyone can think of something bigger and better than what they’ve done last it has to be them, so that was all very exciting,” she explained. “The fact that we’re creating an original franchise original IP that it transcends languages and borders and is actually truly global and goes into different countries and works with local film makers and connects it to ours it’s just so amazingly delicious and that’s really drew me.”

She also reflected on what she thought made this series so special.

“When you think about the spy genre it’s predominantly male dominated to be able to have a female character that is toe to toe and you know is really cohesively written was really cool,” she said.

The pair jokingly shared that they met one time before filming the show at a dinner.

“We met one night at a party sitting opposite each other at dinner and got into some trouble that night. We instantly got on, and then it was years later until this happened,” Richard said.

Priyanka also opened up about if it is important for her as a mom to have her 1-year-old daughter, Malti Marie, who she shared with her husband, Nick Jonas, see her in these powerful roles.

“I hope that her relationship with me will be outside of her job. I hope when she sees the trajectory of the choices that I’ve made over time, that she’s proud of my choices. I think I would really like her to like me. Just be like ‘oh, I love hanging out with my mom,’ because I was like that until I became teenager,” she said. “But until then I loved hanging with my parents and so far she does too.”

“Citadel” debuts on Amazon Prime Video on April 28.

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