Reese Witherspoon Reveals The Best Beauty Tip Her Mom Ever Gave Her (EXCLUSIVE)

Reese Witherspoon owes her best beauty secrets to the women who raised her.

“I’ve learned so much from my mom to my grandma, and I think that it’s so great that I am able to pass it on to my daughter,” the “Big Little Lies” actress and Elizabeth Arden ambassador told Access exclusively at the brand’s garden party in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

“The most important thing that I really learned from my mom is having a joyful attitude,” she continued. “It’s really the best beauty tip I could possibly give anybody. She wakes up every day with a smile, and I always think about that.”

Reese said that her late grandmother taught her the value of “taking care of your skin and making sure that your makeup was beautiful, fresh and clean” – but she also imparted the wisdom that beauty isn’t merely skin-deep.

“My grandmother used to always say ‘pretty is as pretty does,’ and it’s something that I say to my daughter: that you can be pretty and put together, but it’s the way that you treat people and who you are the inside that really matters,” Reese explained. “And I think usually one is a reflection of the other.”

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The Oscar winner also said that she makes time every day to focus on internal and external self-care.

“Putting yourself together is a way of taking care of yourself, and it’s actually a way of putting your best face forward to the world,” she dished. “So I always think about it that way: whether I’m doing my skin care routine or I’m just getting my makeup ready for the day, I feel like I’m taking care of myself in that moment. I think that’s a little thing women can do for themselves every day.”

One product that the HBO star has incorporated into her beauty ritual is Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea fragrance.

“I just love it. I think it’s very fresh and very modern,” she gushed.

In the video above, find out more about Reese’s beauty routine, including her biggest teenage grooming fail and the skin care mistake you’ll never catch her making.

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