Richard Schiff Hospitalized After Testing Positive for Covid-19

Richard Schiff and wife Sheila Kelley have been battling Covid-19 but it seems like the actor’s condition has worsened.

The “West Wing” star revealed on Monday that he was in the hospital after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus on Election Day.

“I am in the hospital on Remdesivir, O2 and steroids showing some improvement every day. Sheila is home and doing better but still fairly ill. Love you all,” he tweeted.

His wife also shared an update on their family’s condition while battling the virus.

“The last 72 hours have been tough. LOML @therichardschiff is now in the hospital on oxygen and remdesivir,” she began. “Thank you all of you for the prayers and love. We feel them. He’s doing better. Getting stronger,” Sheila wrote on Instagram.

The couple’s son Gus also tested positive for the virus, her post continued with, “My son and I are still riding this strange covid coaster up and then down and all around.”

“I have never experienced anything like this before in my life. One minute I’m feeling pretty good and the next I’m struggling to breathe,” she continued. “What I do know is if you get this virus the relationship between you and and your body is everything,” she continued.

She also gave some advice for other people battling the virus, “listen to your body. Not what everyone is saying around you.”

“Because in the wee hours of the morning when all the experts are sleeping you might feel a tightness across your chest. And you suck every ounce of air into your lungs that you can muster. It’s just you and your body. My body is leading me through this and I am grateful to her. I am grateful for my embodiment practice SFactor,” she wrote.

Sheila is also unsure of where the family could have contracted the virus.

“Where did we catch it? I don’t know. Could’ve been the gym. Could’ve been take out. It’s impossible to know,” she added.

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She concluded her post with, “Keeping masking up. Washing hands. Stay away from the virus. It is a mother’f-er. We love you.”

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The family had been quarantining at their home in Vancouver after testing positive, the actor had been filming season 4 of “The Good Doctor.”

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