Selena Gomez Shuts Down ’13 Reasons Why’ Controversy, Supports Trevor Project & Crisis Text Line

Netflix’s controversial hit drama “13 Reasons Why”
returns Friday, May 18, and Selena Gomez is already putting an end to any more
potential backlash.

The 25-year-old star – who also executive produced the
series – dropped the soundtrack’s lead single “Back To You” last
week. The track went on to top the Worldwide iTunes Chart for 3 days in a row
and currently sits at No. 2. 

Now, Selena reveals that a portion of the “13 Reasons
Why” soundtrack proceeds will benefit the Trevor Project and Crisis Text
Line – two organizations that offer crisis intervention and suicide prevention.

“Preorder exclusive @13reasonswhy soundtrack bundles
and a portion of the proceeds will go to @TrevorProject and
@CrisisTextLine,” the singer tweeted on Wednesday.

“13 Reasons Why” quickly became last year’s most
divisive TV series, ultimately being named the most-tweeted show of 2017.
Mental health professionals slammed “13 Reasons Why” for its graphic
portrayal of suicide. 

“There is a great concern that I have … that young
people are going to over-identify with Hannah in the series and we actually may
see more suicides as a result of this television series,” said Dan
Reidenberg, the executive director for Suicide Awareness Voices of Education, a
non-profit group with the mission of suicide prevention.

Selena appeared to have shut down any more potential
backlash ahead of Friday’s premiere. 

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“What I learned more than anything is how making an
impact can look differently,” she told Beats1 host Zane Lowe. “I
think what we’re doing and what we’ve always wanted to talk about was genuinely
to care about people … to get it out in that certain way where nobody’s trying
to sensitize it.”

“I always viewed things as comfort is the enemy of
progress,” she added. “When something makes that kind of noise, it’s either
two reasons: It’s either so foul, or it’s amazing. And I think that’s when you
get people to wake up.”

’13 Reasons Why’: The Cast Discusses Hannah’s Graphic Suicide Scene (Spoiler Alert!)

The actress attests that “13 Reasons Why” became a
vehicle for social change, encouraging a line of open communication about
mental health between teenagers and their families.

“I don’t do it to glorify anything … This is what
happens. This is real life. I’ve had numerous parents and kids come up to me –
how it’s just opened the door for healthy communication. That’s all you want. We’re
not going to end these certain things or try to break through it unless we take
these risks.”

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