Shailene Woodley Swears Off Social Media & Cell Phones

Shailene Woodley might not be calling you back – or Tweeting you back — anytime soon!

The 22-year-old “Divergent” star ( that she likes eating clay!) has now revealed that she doesn’t have a cell phone – or any social media accounts or even a TV.

“No cell phone, is it true? You have no cell phone?” Kit Hoover asked the actress on Access Hollywood Live from CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Friday.

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“It is true. This month, I’ve had a cell phone because Lionsgate during press for ‘Divergent’ has been like, ‘We need to get a hold of you, here’s a phone.’ But, I don’t have a personal one,” she told Kit and Billy Bush.

The actress is also now free of social media accounts, which she says has freed her up for more important things.

“I did have an Instagram before and I realized that I was just constantly doing this at a stoplight or when I was waiting for something. And then one day my thumb, I held it still, and it started shaking and it was always shaking. And I was like, ‘I’m 22 years old! That is not OK!’ And I think it was literally from typing so much and scrolling,” she explained.

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“So getting rid of Instagram for me was huge [and] my phone in general. I got to know me again and I got to wake up and be like, ‘What do I want to do today?’ I don’t have a device to be like, what should I do today? It was like, what do I want to do today?” she continued.

And some days – even though she doesn’t own a TV, Shailene likes to chill with a cooking show.

“I haven’t owned a TV, in God knows how long, but I would have to say ‘Top Chef,’” she told Billy and Kit, when asked about a guilty TV pleasure. “I will…watch ‘Top Chef,’ any time, any day.”

— Jesse Spero

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