Shaun White Says His Documentary Has Made Him Look At Snowboarding Differently: ‘Man This Looks Rough’

Shaun White is looking back at his legendary snowboarding career from a new perspective.

The 36-year-old Olympic gold medalist ended his professional snowboarding career at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Now, he is looking back at his professional career in his new MAX documentary “Shaun White: The Last Run.”

While chatting with Access Hollywood, Shaun admitted that looking back at the footage is making him realize how tough the sport is.

“Honestly, watching the doc was funny, I was like ‘Man, this looks rough, because there’s just crash, after crash and there’s so much, I’m going through,” he said.

Now that the documentary is out, Shaun told Access he wants to enjoy retirement and spend time with his girlfriend Nina Dobrev.

Nina Dobrev & Shaun White Look So In Love At ‘The Out-Laws’ Premiere

Nina Dobrev & Shaun White Look So In Love At ‘The Out-Laws’ Premiere

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“I think the best part, or one of these things about her, is she can read me so well,” he said. “And so, before the Olympics, I was like afterward I just need some time to just you know fall into this new role and she’s just been so supportive of that. I don’t know how it would be not having her in my corner during this time. I feel pretty lucky.”

“Shaun White: The Last Run” is streaming on MAX now.

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