‘Sister Wives’: Why Christine Brown Can’t ‘Trust’ Robyn Brown: ‘She Says One Thing And Does Another’

The drama continued on part three of “Sister Wives One On One” and this time Meri’s relationship with Kody was front and center.

Fans finally got to hear how Meri felt after Kody told cameras in 2022 that he didn’t consider them married.

“I deserve to have a conversation and to be told,” Meri said.

So why didn’t Kody ever tell Meri exactly how he felt?

“We don’t go deep into it because I don’t want her reacting in a crazy way. I am not ripping off a Band-Aid, but I know where we’re at,” he said.

Even though Kody was checked out of their relationship for years, Meri says she gave her ex grace in hopes he would return but it ultimately didn’t work. When he started slipping away, she accused him of breaking the promise they made to each other, but for Kody that promise ended years ago.

“That covenant doesn’t include the dissolution of my soul or personality. That relationship does not work in a marriage for me. It’s that simple,” he said.

The episode also focused a lot on Kody’s mental health, featuring clips of the 54-year-old saying in a confessional that he “hates” his life right now.

Although Meri admits she doesn’t know why he is in this mental state, his happiness doesn’t concern her anymore.

But how does his wife Robyn feel about all of this? She got emotional as she explained why she believed he is sabotaging his life and their relationship.

And Kody agreed.

“Yeah, but I wanted to punish myself,” he said. “I thought of myself leaving Robyn and having another lover and telling this lover and looking at this lover and going ‘I don’t love you. I’m in love with another woman. I’m in love with a woman I left because I was too much of a piece of s**t to manage the relationship.’ What it was is just anger and embarrassment, so you get embarrassed and you self-deprecate.”

Aside from Kody, another major topic of discussion was Robyn. Christine and Janelle both shut down Kody’s claims that they bullied Robyn.

It’s no secret not all of the women get along with Robyn and although Christine doesn’t blame her for everything falling apart, she explains why she won’t be her friend.

“Well, I don’t trust her. I think she says one thing but does another. How can you say you want the whole big family picture but then do all these separate things with Kody,” Christine said.

Meri is still working on her relationship with Robyn but says she still doesn’t fully trust her or any of her sister wives.

Although Meri says she no longer has sister wives, Robyn still considers Meri, Janelle and Christine that. The drama wasn’t just between the ladies, their kids got involved too.

It all started with a text thread that was meant to reunite everyone for a gift exchange but got heated when some kids allegedly started taking digs at Robyn and her family.

The text thread got so intense that the Robyn decided to do their own gift exchange without the other siblings which caused a rift between all the families.

“There’s not a division with Robyn and her kids, there is now,” Christine said. “There is now because she put it there, but there wasn’t there until then.”

When looking back at how they welcomed Robyn into the family, Meri admits the sister wives could have tried harder.

And Janelle thinks they should have given their kids some time to adjust to the changes in their family before things imploded.

But is there any coming back from the drama?

“I am not willing personally, I’m not willing to fix it yet,” Christine said.

Episode four of “Sister Wives One on One” airs Sunday Dec. 17 at 10/9c on TLC.

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