Suits Q&A: Rick Hoffman On The Big Battle Coming To Pearson Darby Specter

Louis Litt’s dream is about to come true on tonight’s all new episode of “Suits.”

With the firm once again ready to shake off another name from the door, Jessica (Gina Torres) has drafted in Rick Hoffman’s quirky yet lovable Louis to help out on a special project.

Being picked to join the dream team at the firm is something Louis has longed for and Rick explained what being on Team Jessica & Harvey means to his character when he spoke to ahead of Tuesday’s new episode.

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But, getting rid of Edward Darby (“Game of Thrones” star Conleth Hill) won’t be easy, and Rick explained exactly why. He also gave us a delicious tease about an upcoming twist he can’t wait for “Suitors” to see. As we can see from the previews, Louis is delighted. He’s been asked by Jessica to join her and Harvey Specter on a special project. How does this make him feel?

Rick Hoffman: (Laughs) That’s pretty much what Louis always wanted — to be accepted by his peers, and especially Jessica and Harvey — especially Harvey, who he secretly looks up to. This is kind of like his time to potentially shine.

Access: We know the divorce between the firm and Edward Darby is beginning. How is this going to compare to the firm’s break up with Daniel Hardman?

Rick: The breakup with Daniel Hardman lead to a potential fall out at the firm, which lead them to sort of be in need of an Edward Darby to merge [with] because they had lost a lot of people at the firm, they had lost money with the lawsuits, so there was no way out of that. Sort of one big problem led to another. In this case, it kind of starts a new chapter, in a way, a clean slate and yet, just when you think it’s a clean slate, something that I can’t mention sort of rears its somewhat ugly head (laughs).

Access: This show is known for its twists and turns. Even though you’re an actor on ‘Suits’ and know how it works, has there been anything in the scripts this season that you were not expecting to happen?

Rick: There is absolutely [something] that I was not expecting, and yet, I will not tell you what that is (laughs).

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Access: Is that because it has not happened yet?

Rick: Yes, that is because it has not happened yet.

Access: That’s a great tease. Since you can’t explain exactly what it is, why don’t you tell me what your reaction was when you read the upcoming item in the pages of a script for an upcoming episode?

Rick: Sure! When I did read this unexpected thing to happen with one of the characters, I got very excited because I think it makes for very good television drama and yeah, let’s just say I think the viewers will be very excited as well (laughs). I’m laughing because I have to watch myself from ruining anything. … I got very excited and then also just sort of excited for the fact, like my own vision of what the viewers would think just got me double excited because it just makes for great TV drama and once again, it makes the writers, I’m always enamored by what the writers come up with.

Access: Donna’s line in the preview trailer for this week’s episode has her saying that Hessington oil has fired the firm. Does that mean Michelle Fairley, who plays Ava Hessington, is out? And how bad is it to be fired by Hessington Oil?

Rick: I don’t think it’s the last we see of Michelle Fairley. And, the firm gets hired and fired on a regular basis, but not by this big of a company, and I think that in itself is definitely a blow to the firm and sort of as a byproduct of that, something else happens, which is what I had mentioned earlier on in this interview that sort of is kind of like a pebble in the show for the firm later on down the road.

Access: You’re a dog person, and Louis just wrapped up the whole cat arc. Are you a cat person too, or are we going to find out something funny like you, Rick, are actually allergic to cats?

Rick: Let’s make this very, very clear… (laughs) I’m afraid to say! I don’t mind cats, but I definitely would never own one based on the fact that I’m deathly allergic to them. I am deathly allergic to cats. I mean, I love all animals, but they’re not my animal of choice. I have to hypoallergenic dogs, so when shot with Mikado … it was quite a deal to try and make sure I wasn’t going to pass out.

Here’s the funny thing — the writers keep claiming that they never knew that bit of information each season (laughs). So when I had the cat in the cat carrier [during] Season 2 and told everybody that I was allergic, I don’t think really, anybody got that note for Season 3. They always have Louis doing these types of things — drinking an entire of half and half like repeatedly … or sitting in mud for six hours so I can lose all feeling in my appendages and [have] my kidneys sucked out by the mud — those things that Louis gets put through — dealing with cats that make me deathly allergic. But I’m not complaining, believe me. With all of that said, I would do it 100 times over because this a role of a lifetime.

Access: What have you loved about the evolution of Louis Litt over the seasons on ‘Suits’?

Rick: It’s his innocence. The viewer’s perspective is one thing and then, when it comes down to reading this character all the time, you start to see the similarities. You’d be surprised. It’s gonna sound crazy, but I think Mike’s character is the most stable of the men and I find that Harvey and Louis, they do have these collective character traits that are similar. … When it comes to what drives them, I think they’re very similar and I think, in a way, they both don’t look at themselves in the mirror like everyone else does. … They’re likable because they’re imperfect. … Based on the talent of the writers, they’re … able to show their innocence, which I think then gives the audience member no choice but to like them because they’re coming from an innocent place.

“Suits” continues tonight at 10/9c on USA.

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