The Dark Knight Rises: 5 Unanswered Questions!

“The Dark Knight Rises” has opened and now the Batman-obsessed fans are left with a slew of burning questions about the Caped Crusader! has seen the movie (several times!) and here are five questions we’re still dying to know the answers to!

(*WARNING – MAJOR SPOLIERS AHEAD! Do not read until you’ve seen the movie!)

1. Is Bane Actually Dead?

After battling Batman numerous times (and almost dying after taking countless fists to the face), Bruce Wayne’s toughest villain to date is blasted practically outside of Gotham city limits by Selina Kyle/Catwoman while riding Batman’s motor cycle (the Bat-Pod – isn’t it the Tumbler?) – but has the juggernaut actually been stopped for good? Knowing how much the comic book world loves the return of villain, especially one as great as Bane, it’s safe to assume it’s not the last time we’ve heard (via his Darth Vader-esque mask) from him.

2. What Happened To Lucius Fox?

The man behind Wayne Enterprises and all of his amazing gadgets (played by Morgan Freeman) is last seen working with two Wayne employees… will he continue on with the company as both a figure head and someone helping to fight Gotham’s crime? Does he go on to lead the resurgence of Wayne Enterprises? Does he retire? Or could he possibly have a new crime fighting-friend to help design technology and gadgets for?

(If you ignored our first warning about spoilers, we’d like to encourage you to rethink that! Major plot details ahead!)

3. Do The Bat & The Cat Live Happily Ever After… Together?

In the final scenes, we see that Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have left Gotham behind for what appears to be a life free of crime-fighting, but does will this duo go off into the sunset together or back to a life in the darkness of the night where stealing jewels and kicking bad guy butt is easier? The billionaire superhero, who returned from the brink of death only to risk his entire life and fortune, seems like a likely candidate to hang up his Batsuit. But, the sexy masked master thief, who has only just now gotten a taste of her freedom, seems destined to return to her old tricks – can you say “spinoff?” (Director Christopher has already told Access that he thinks Anne Hathaway deserves her own movie!)

4. Will John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) Become Robin?

Gotham’s most honorable cop (which seem to be in short supply in that world) ends the movie discovering the Batcave and possibly all of Bruce’s crime-fighters secrets, technology and weapons. With the Scarecrow, The Joker and (possibly) Bane (not to mention an army of other DC Comics villains to contend with) still all threats; the city is going to need a hero. John Blake, whose real name is revealed to be Robin, is the perfect candidate.

5. Will Batman Continue On In “Justice League”? Get Rebooted? Vanish?

Warner Bros. is fast-tracking a “Justice League” movie (whose roster has included a slew of DC heroes over the years like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern), but having Christian Bale play the Caped Crusader again seems unlikely. Seeing as Spider-Man was rebooted after just a five-year absence, we’re guessing that since Nolan has said he’s done with the character that we’ll see yet another star and director take on the iconic role. Let the casting speculation begin!

Jesse Spero

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