The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4, Episode 4 — ‘Indifference’

Zombies attacked Daryl and Michonne as they sought medical supplies, Tyreese took his pain out on some walkers, Bob revealed his struggle with alcohol and Carol and Rick nearly made some hippie friends all before Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead” ended with one less member of the prison group.

Here’s our blow-by-blow account of “The Walking Dead” Season 4, Episode 404, “Indifference”:

Prison Cell Block A, Execution Room: Carol is staring at her knife when Lizzie walks toward the execution room window. “They told me to come down here,” the youngster says, her big eyes looking up at Carol. “I’m going on a run with Rick,” Carol tells her as the camera pans to show Rick outside by the car, preparing for the excursion. With Daryl, Bob, Tyreese and Michonne not yet back from their antibiotics run, she and Rick have to find food and supplies to make up for what was lost in Cell Block D.

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As Lizzie and Carol continue to chat, the camera shows Rick walking through the halls. Peering at Karen’s old sick bed, he imagines the scene — Carol sweetly patting Karen’s hair, before stabbing her in the head, and then dragging two bodies outside.

“You remember what I told you to do when there’s danger? … You run and run until you’re safe… and if it’s your life or your sister’s life, you can’t be afraid to kill. Understand,” Carol asks Lizzie.

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Thoughts still weighing heavily on his face, Rick puts a gas can in the car and then reaches into a bag, unfolding a pack of six large hunting knives.

“Where’s your knife?” Carol asks Lizzie, the camera now focusing on their conversation again. She advises the girl on how to make her dagger more easily accessible. Lizzie’s scared, but Carol tells her there’s one way to overcome it — fight and don’t give up. “And then one day, you just change.”

The Road: “Maggie wanted to come,” Carol tells Rick, breaking the silence in the car. Someone had to stay back and watch over things, he replies. “Someone you trust, you mean,” she says bluntly. The conversation door open, Carol brings up Karen and David. “I was trying to save lives. Somebody had to,” she tells Rick. “Maybe,” he says coolly, as they pull into an abandoned neighborhood.

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The Woods: Heading through the woods on a search for a new vehicle, Daryl stops on the trail and picks up something. “Is that jasper? It’s a good color. Brings out your eyes,” Michonne says, flashing him a grin. It’s a marker, Daryl notes, and if you stay in a place more than a couple of hours, you might learn those kinds of things, he tells her.

Abandoned Neighborhood: A station wagon in good condition sits on the street. Rick reckons it’s only been there a day or two ago. Heading into a home, Rick tells Carol they should search the medicine cabinets and grab anything that can help Hershel. “And if we can eat it, we take it,” he adds.

Gas Station In The Woods: Daryl spots a vehicle behind some overgrown brush. It’s in good shape, but needs a battery. Tyreese hacks away like a mad man, trying to clear a path through the overgrown vines to the shop door. “Go easy,” Daryl warns. “We don’t know what we’re dealing with.” Right on cue, a hand reaches out and grabs Daryl, who wrestles free. Another grabs Bob. Tyreese, now entangled with a third, won’t let go. They tumble to the ground. Free from his own attacker, Bob shoots the one attacking Tyreese.

Abandoned Neighborhood: As they work to grab supplies, a walker surprises Carol and Rick. Just after they take it out, a door opens to an upstairs bedroom. “We’ve got apricots, peaches,” a smiling man, we’ll learn is named Sam, says as he and his girlfriend toss the fruit at their feet.

Sam’s shoulder is dislocated and Rick watches in mild amazement as Carol slips it back into place. After exchanging pleasantries, the young woman, who has a twisted leg, tells Rick and Carol, “You guys look all right, what’s your set up like?” “How many have you killed?” Rick responds.

Gas Station In The Woods: As Daryl and Bob creep into the shop to find a battery, Michonne and Tyreese untangle the minivan. She scolds him for not letting go of the walker and warns him to control his anger. “Anger makes you stupid and angry gets you killed,” she tells him. Is she still mad at The Governor, Tyreese wants to know. She’s not, but she would cut him in two if he was there, “because that’s how it needs to be.”

Abandoned Neighborhood: “So did we past your test,” Sam asks Rick. It sounds like they did as Rick tells them the location of their community, but warns of the flu inside its walls. “You got fences and walls? We’re in,” Sam notes.

Plenty still left to do, Rick tells the couple to “sit tight” and they’ll circle back for them. Carol suggests they might be more useful by helping to sweep the neighborhood. “You can’t carry us, man,” Sam tells Rick. “It doesn’t work that way.” Deciding to meet up in two hours, Rick hands Sam a watch.

Gas Station In The Woods: Working on the car, Daryl and Bob chat about his past. He’s the lone survivor from two groups and admits turning to alcohol for comfort. Bob reveals he went on the Big Spot run to get booze, and that caused Zach’s death. Daryl looks him up and down. “That’s bullsh**,” he tells him. “Why don’t you get in there and try the engine. It’s the red and the green wire.” The car starts.

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Abandoned Neighborhood: Still foraging for supplies, Carol broaches that delicate subject once again. “Rick, I killed two people and you haven’t said a word about it,” she says. He hasn’t much to say, so Carol keeps talking. “You were a good leader, better than I probably gave you credit for,” she tells him.

“I never murdered two of our own,” he replies.

“Just one,” she says — a reference to Shane.

“He was gonna kill me,” Rick tells her.

Karen and David would have killed the whole group in Carol’s mind. “You don’t have to like what I did, Rick. I don’t. I just accept it,” she tells him.

Veterinary Campus: “Let’s make this quick,” Daryl tells the group as they stuff their bags with medicine. Bob grabs something off of a cot in one of the rooms and puts it in his bag.

Abandoned Neighborhood: Stopping to pick some freshly grown tomatoes, Rick asks Carol how she knew how to put Sam’s shoulder back in place. “Internet,” she replies. “It was easier than telling an ER nurse I’d fallen down the stairs a third time.”

After exchanging stories about their lives, they head around the house and quickly spot a broken basket and scattered peaches. Rushing to the gate, they see a shoe. Pushing it open wider, the shoe is still on the girl’s leg. It’s been severed. Across the street, walkers are feasting on the rest of her remains. “Should get back,” Carol shrugs. “Sam’s probably waiting.”

Veterinary Hospital: Michonne, Bob, Daryl and Tyreese are chased by walkers.

Abandoned Neighborhood: Sam isn’t at the meeting place. Rick suggests they give him more time, but Carol says they have to go. “It was a nice watch,” she tells him.

Veterinary Hospital: Tossing a fire hydrant through the window to escape the walkers, Daryl, Michonne and Tyreese jump to safety. Not Bob. Diving through the window, he lands on the edge, his knapsack swinging on top of walkers who lunge for it. Despite the danger, he won’t let it go. He struggles and with one last yank it lands on the ledge.

“You got no meds in your bag? Just this,” an irate Daryl says, finding a bottle of booze.

Bob motions toward his gun as Daryl threatens to destroy the amber liquid. “You take one sip before those meds get in our people, I will beat you’re a** into the ground,” Daryl says, shoving the bottle into Bob’s chest.

Abandoned Neighborhood: After loading up the trunk, Carol heads to the car door. It’s locked.

“They might have lived — Karen and David,” Rick tells Carol. “When the others find out, they won’t want you there.” With his children’s safety to think about, Rick doesn’t want her around either. The realization sets in for Carol. He’s going to leave her.

“Rick, it’s me. No one else has to know. I thought you were done making decisions for everyone,” Carol says as tears drip down her face. Rick promises to keep Lizzie and Mika safe.

“You’re not that woman who was too scared to be alone, not anymore,” Rick tells her, noting she’ll find another group and survive, and setting her backpack outside of his car.

Carol gives Rick a watch she got from her abusive husband Ed. “Take it. I should have given it away a long time ago,” she adds before driving off in Sam’s station wagon.

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The Road: Her hands on the wheel, Michonne casts a suspicious glance at Bob, who is in the backseat of the minivan.

Rick’s Car: Driving back alone, Rick looks in the rear-view mirror. A little further on, he does it again, and later, again. There’s nothing but woods in the distance.

“The Walking Dead” continues Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

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