Tom Hiddleston Explains Owen Wilson Loki Impression; Thor 3 On The Way?

Tom Hiddleston further endeared himself to fans last week after a YouTube video surfaced, in which the “Thor” star does his (spot on) impression of what Loki would sound like if played by Owen Wilson.

(Watch Tom’s Owen Wilson as Loki HERE)

Access Hollywood correspondent Tim Vincent caught up with Tom in London for the “Thor: The Dark World” junket this weekend, where he asked how the hilarious impression came about.

“I was in Sydney [promoting] the film and I’ve always done impressions for theater, ever since I was a kid,” Tom explained of the inspiration behind the video, which has been viewed nearly 2 million times so far. “I used to have a double tape deck and I used to have my own radio show, as it were, and I’d be the weather girl, and I’d be guests. I’ve always done silly voices.

“I worked with Owen in ‘Midnight in Paris’ and it was just a question from someone in the audience, they said, ‘Would you do Owen Wilson doing Loki?’ And, like the circus bear that I am, I said, ‘OK!’” he continued with a laugh. “And somehow the news traveled.”

The 32-year-old actor said he certainly “didn’t expect” his Owen impression to become such a hit and hasn’t had a chance to speak with Owen since the video was posted.

“Somebody did tell me that he’s seen it, which worries me slightly,” he joked. “No, he’s a good guy and we had a really good time making that film.”

As for donning Loki’s robes once again for the “Thor” sequel – his third film as the Asgardian deity (he also played the villain in last year’s “The Avengers”) – Tom said he’s still not done with Marvel’s God of Mischief and would gladly make a third “Thor” installment if asked.

“Of course I would be [excited],” he told Tim. “I have such a good time making them, to be honest. And working with Chris [Hemsworth] is a pleasure.”

Adding, “We’d have to think quite carefully about what the story would be — you don’t want to just make it for the sake of it.”

Tom said the decision to make a third “Thor” film is dependent on “producers and whether they think there’s an appetite for more.”

“But it’s been incredible to have these characters really kind of catch fire,” he added. “It’s what you always hope for.”

“Thor: The Dark World” hits theaters on November 8.

— Erin O’Sullivan

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