Tyler Cameron Thinks Former ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Won’t Invite Him To Her Wedding

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown have come a long way from their days on “The Bachelorette.”

The two have remained friends over the years and reunited on-screen again for Tyler’s Prime show “Going Home with Tyler Cameron.” The series follows the 31-year-old as he starts his own construction company and renovates his late mom, Andrea Cameron’s, house as well as several other clients.

For one of the projects, he enlisted his ex-girlfriend, Hannah, to help remodel a couple’s bedroom. Tyler joined Access Hollywood on our Behind The Easel segment and revealed the 29-year-old was on board right away!

“For her to pick up the phone and come design on my show was just another gesture to what a good person and friend she is,” he said.

But getting to this point was years in the making! When looking back at their long friendship, Tyler admitted the two have been through “a ton together.”

“We have definitely had our good moments and we’ve also had some very strong, tough moments,” he said. “Overall, there’s always just being able to connect with each other, take care of each other and being there for each other, so that’s always been great.”

The two have seen each other go through some highs and lows. Hannah was a friend to Tyler as he mourned the death of his mother in 2020. And before that, the two had to adjust from being romantically into each other to establishing a platonic relationship.

“I think with any relationship it’s definitely hard to go from liking someone to becoming their friend,” Tyler said. “I think we knew what was best for us and our friendship and we decided to do that by just being friends and so far, it’s been great. I think we know how to look out for each other and be there for each other from a far and I think we have a great relationship in that sense.”

But even though the two are good now, that doesn’t mean Tyler thinks he’ll get invited to her wedding.

“I don’t think I’m getting the invite,” he joked. When asked why he doesn’t think he’ll get an invitation he added, “You know because I wouldn’t invite my exes to my wedding. I don’t expect her to invite me to [her] wedding. I think that’s just out of respect for Adam [Woolard] and everyone like that. Yeah, I’m not waiting on (the) call.”

As for his dating life, Tyler played it coy, but he did weigh in on if he would ever be “The Bachelor.”

“I always say never say never to being ‘The Bachelor.’ My theory in life is you gotta do what’s going to tell the greatest story ever… I think if I were to do ‘The Bachelor’ one day maybe it would be the best story I could tell, maybe not, I don’t know. So, I always say never say never. As of right now, it’s not in the cards, but down the road it possibly could.”

One thing that is for sure—Tyler plans to continue renovating homes and hopes one day he and his two younger brothers, Austin and Ryan, can live in his late mom’s house that he just remodeled.

“I hope this house that we have one day will be a first home,” he said. “So, when my mom and dad had me, they brought me to this house, and we’ve had this house now for 31 years. I would love for whether it’s me or it’s my little brothers to be able to raise their family there as well. That is the goal with it all.”

You can watch Tyler renovate his mom’s home on “Going Home with Tyler Cameron,” which is streaming on Prime now.

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