‘This Is Us’ Finale Spoiler: Did Kevin Hook Up With Beth’s Cousin Zoe At The Wedding?

During the season finale, Kate and Toby said “I do” in a super special wedding ceremony, and we were introduced to a new face — Beth’s cousin, Zoe. Zoe plays an integral role in the episode, as it is revealed that she lived with Beth and her family when her own mother abandoned her as a child. She talks to Deja about her own personal journey in an effort to bring her closer to the family after Deja has trouble adjusting to living with the Pearsons again after her mom leaves. And at first — it seems like that’s the major reason why she’s in the episode. 


Zoe, who is also the photographer at Kate and Toby’s wedding, is seen in the final moments of the episode, sleeping on a plane next to Kevin on a flight to Vietnam. This is during the flash-forward part of the show, which is supposed to be one year forward.He leans over and kisses her forehead, leading many to believe that there’s something special going on between Zoe and Kevin.

And that wasn’t the only breadcrumb show creator Dan Fogelman dropped. In the final moments of the episode, Zoe and Kevin share a sweet exchange where Zoe tells him that she normally hates toasts at weddings — but she didn’t seem to mind his emotional tribute to Kate and his late dad, Jack. 

‘This Is Us’
Kevin and Randall chat with Madison ahead of Kate’s wedding. (Credit: NBC/This Is Us)

At the start of the episode, fans were quick to point out that Madison — Kate’s pseudo maid-of-honor and friend from therapy group — seemed to have the hots for Kevin. And she seemed like she was going to make a play for Kevin. 

But Fogelman put that rumor to bed fast — because Madison is played by his real-life wife, Caitlin Thompson. “Just FYI: Madison is my wife in real life @CaitwithaC And if you thought I was letting her sleep with @justinhartley on national television you’re nuts. #ThisIsUs.”

So we know Madison didn’t score Kevin!  But did Zoe?! 

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