Usher On Reviving Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace & If He’s A ‘Lullaby Dad’ To His Youngest Kids (EXCLUSIVE)

Usher is rolling it back!

The music superstar has revived the iconic Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace and celebrated the project’s latest pop-up event at Los Angeles’ famed Palladium on Thursday night.

Usher welcomed Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans to the rink and shared in an exclusive interview what Flipper’s means to him as a lifelong skater and why he was inspired to bring the event to a new generation.

The Smooth Looks Of R&B Superstar Usher

The Smooth Looks Of R&B Superstar Usher

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“Legacy recognizes legacy. The reality is, something that happened that really brought people together is exactly what you see out there once again,” Usher told Scott, noting that the original Flipper’s debuted in 1979 when he was just 1 year old.

Now 44, Usher recalled lacing up his first pair of skates as a child in Chattanooga, Tenn., and why the sport is more than the activity itself – it’s about celebrating culture.

“When you think about skating, it’s not just rolling and the music. It’s also to what you wear. It’s how you feel,” he added, noting that he hopes to open “rinks all over the world.”

Usher went on to explain his inspiration behind the new Flipper’s and how skating also aligns with an important attitude in life.

“Somewhere during the pandemic I had this bright idea to just go back to having fun, and that’s what this is. I want to offer the same thing to people who come here to dance, and listen to music, have a few drinks and just chill out or even get on skates and have a good time. Again, you might fall down but you get back up, but you have fun,” he said.

Anyone nervous about their skills needn’t worry, though. Usher assured Scott that the key to successful skating is not only practice but also just looking cool.

“Nobody is immediately good, and if they even say they are they’re lying,” he laughed.

Music plays a big role at Flipper’s and Usher is obviously best known for dominating genres from R&B to pop as a celebrated performer. But how does that translate to his life as a father of four?

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When asked if he’s a “lullaby dad,” the singer clarified that his youngest children, 2-year-old Sovereign and 1-year-old Sire, are most familiar with his “Sesame Street” ABC video.

“This is how I’m famous to my kids,” he teased. “My babies, they’ll look at the screen and they look over [at me] and they’re like, ‘how did you manage to get in the screen and be here at the same time?'”

The hitmaker smiled when sharing how the toddlers have picked up on his talent – and given it a try themselves!

“When I’m singing, they’ll sing back to me. When I’m warming up or something like that, I can hear them outside singing,” he said.

But is he hoping that the youngsters will follow in his showbiz footsteps? He’s leaving that up to them.

“I just want them to be happy, ” he said.

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