Who Died In The ‘Scandal’ Series Finale?

David Rosen
David Rosen in the “Scandal” finale. (Credit: ABC)

After seven seasons of “Scandal,” we’re used to asking one key question — “Who died?”

This time it was the beloved Attorney General, David Rosen. In the shocking season 7 finale, David Rosen is taken down by Cyrus Beene after he fails to get out of Cyrus’ way. In a sad turn of events, Cyrus appears to be coming to confess to David to tell him all the things he’s done in his years as a politico and fixer — and in fact, Cyrus just came to give David a deadly cocktail. 

“I’m not a good person, but … there is a reason for everything I do, and it may be sick… but it’s always thought out, never executed out of spite,” Cyrus says to David as he hands him a drink. “I’m consistent. I do what needs to be done. I do what other people done. David Rosen, you are in my way. No hard feelings.”

Just in case you need a refresher — Cyrus has been up to no good since Season 1. In the first season of “Scandal,” Cyrus had his henchman kill Amanda Tanner after she tried to claim she was having an affair with President Grant.

What do you think “Scandal” fans? Did you see this death coming? 

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