Why Amanda Bynes Is Ditching Her Black Hair Just One Day After Transformation

Amanda Bynes is going back to her roots, hair roots that is.

The 37-year-old shared her pre-Christmas hair transformation on her Instagram Story, documenting her purchase of Revlon hair dye from Target and then sharing an image of herself with long black hair on December 23rd, in a photo taken by her podcast co-host Paul Sieminski.

The following day, on Christmas Eve, Amanda changed her mind and decided to return her blonde tresses after hanging out with her friends. She shared a mirror selfie while holding hair products to bleach her hair. She captioned the post, writing, “I didn’t like the black hair on me and I’m going back to blonde.”

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Amanda’s most recent posts on Instagram show off her black hair but she has yet to post a new image with her blonde locks.

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The former Nickelodeon star is experimenting not only with her looks but also with a podcast. She launched a podcast with her co-host Paul Sieminski with her first episode featuring an interview with tattoo artist Dahlia Moth.

Amanda first announced the project back in November and at the time, she explained her reasoning behind having Paul as her co-host.

“Having his beautiful mind being a part of this podcast is just going to bring it to another level I think, because he’s going to ask great questions, and I think he’ll kind of carry most of the weight in terms of just, like, topics of conversation.”

She then revealed on Instagram that she is pressing the pause button on her new podcast. The former actress took to social media to share that the show is going on a hiatus just days after it first debuted.

“So even though the podcast is doing really well and the response has been great, I’m going to take a pause on it for now,” she shared. “We are not able to get the type of guests that I’d like on the show, like say Jack Harlow or Drake or Post Malone. So maybe one day, if we’re able to get those types of guests on the show, we will resume the podcast. But for now, I’m taking a pause on it.”

But then she announced the following day that the podcast is resuming because she was able to secure the types of guests that she is looking for.

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Amanda Bynes: Then & Now

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