Woman Freaked Out By Gorilla’s Smooth Entrance at Zoo

Who knew a gorilla could put a whole new spin on “sliding into the weekend”?

When Tina Flick went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina, she was not expecting to capture what is perhaps the sassiest gorilla we’ve ever seen, but that is exactly what happened.

In a TikTiok that has now gained over 75 million views, what begins as a peaceful video of the gorillas in their enclosure takes a hilarious turn when a giant gorilla bursts through an opening in the far and slides up to the glass on all fours before promptly turning his butt towards the camera.

@its_just_me0215 #cenzoo #gorillatag #slideshow ♬ original sound – Tina Flick

The gorilla in question is 26-year-old Cenzoo, who clocks in at a whopping 396 pounds.

Amidst the kind of nervous laughter that can only come from thinking a 400 pound gorilla is about to smash through the glass right in front of you, Tina can be heard saying, “That scared the heck out of me.”

Apparently one to make both an entrance and an exit, Cenzoo then does his best catwalk, shooting Tina what can only be described as a “yeah, I just did that look”, before leaving as quickly as he came.

Tina’s TikTok was flooded with comments about the encounter, everyone agreeing that Cenzoo is the smoothest gorilla anyone has ever seen.

“He’s smiling too, he’s done this before,” writes one user.

“And THAT’S how you make an entrance,” writes another, the comment getting over 270k likes.

We agree, and will absolutely be channeling Cenzoo’s confidence as we head into the weekend.


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