Alex Rodriguez Admits He Was ‘A Mess’ After He Dropped His Daughter Natasha Off At College

Alex Rodriguez is all about family! He spoke with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall and during his candid chat he opened up about co-parenting with his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis and gave advice to anyone who has a blended family. “You gotta like check the ego. I try to diminish the ego and enhance my self-awareness. Thinking about long-term what’s best for the kids, it’s such a healthy way to go about it because the opposite is not good,” he said. Speaking of his kids, Alex just hit a major milestone—he dropped his daughter Natasha off at college. “I thought I was ready for it,” he said before admitting his heartfelt reaction when he said goodbye. “I gave her a big hug and boy I started breaking down and it was bad and all the way back to the airport it was a mess.” ARod is partnering with the League of United Latin American Citizens as a paid spokesperson for OraPharma for its gum health campaign “Cover Your Basis.”