Armie Hammer Says He’s ‘Grateful’ For His ‘Career Death’ After ‘Bizarre’ Cannibal Accusations

Armie Hammer is reflecting on the past few years after accusations of alleged cannibalism. Speaking on the “Painful Lessons” podcast, the 37-year-old candidly discussed his fallout from Hollywood which he described at one point as an “ego” and “career death.” “Now I’m able to sort of look at it with a sense of distance and perspective and be like, ‘That’s hilarious.’ Like people called me a cannibal and everyone believed them. They’re like, ‘Yep, that guy ate people.’ And you’re just like, ‘What? Like, what are you talking about?,’” he said with a laugh, later adding, “Whatever it was that people said, whatever it was that happened – I’m now at a place in my life where I’m grateful for every single bit of it. I’m actually now at a place where I’m really grateful for it, because where I was in my life before all of that stuff happened to me, I didn’t feel good. I never felt satisfied.” In 2021, multiple women accused the actor of sexual misconduct and improper behavior. Private messages that he had also allegedly sent which appeared to detail his cannibalistic fantasies and sexual fetishes were leaked online. Hammer previously denied all allegations of physical abuse.