Big Freedia Reacts To Fan Criticism That Beyoncé Didn’t Give Her ‘Feature’ Credit On ‘Break My Soul’

Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans spoke to Big Freedia about her collaboration with Beyoncé for her newest single “Break My Soul” which just dropped on Monday night. The song features Big Freedia’s vocals and a sample from the bounce legend’s 2014 song, “Explode.” She explained what it was like meeting the iconic singer what addressed her take on the backlash that Beyoncé is receiving for not giving her a “feature” credit on the track and only a “writing” credit. “I’m just grateful for the Freedia, you know, royal court that fights for Freedia and who wants to see my visible and all these things that my voice is lended to, so I’m grateful for my fans and for the people who want to see me get my roses and get my flowers while I’m still here and living and well. I’m just grateful for all these moments.”