Billy Porter Reveals Special Meaning Behind Butterfly Body Art At 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards

Billy Porter is celebrating the person he’s become. At the Critics’ Choice Awards, the “Pose” star told Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall about his stunning butterfly body art, which he explained was both a tribute to his “transgender brothers and sisters” as well as a representation of his own transformation. “I’ve spent my whole life bound by the chains of heteronormative masculinity, and I freed myself from that – and my life has changed exponentially. And I just want to represent that and be grateful for that,” he explained. Billy also reflected on becoming the first man to pose for the cover of Allure, which was a first he admitted he’s “still processing.” “It’s not a dream that I had …There was no context to dream like that, so I just didn’t. Last year has been about a lot of firsts, embracing the unknown, embracing the positive, not dress rehearsing failure and leaning into the joy,” he said.