Chip Gaines Is ‘Honored’ To Take A Backseat To His Wife Joanna Gaines’ Stardom

Chip Gaines penned an honest letter in this season’s edition of Magnolia Journal about his rise to fame from HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” to his own network alongside his wife Joanna Gaines where he revealed that he grew up thinking he should be the star of every show. But that all changed, Chip wrote, when he and his wife Joanna began working on their show “Fixer Upper.” The 45-year-old quickly realized that his wife was born to be in the spotlight. As Chip watched Joanna share her ideas with TV executives, Chip said, “I was slowly realizing that this universe we’d stepped into was actually built for Joanna in the lead role, not for me.” And now, the star says watching his wife shine is “the absolute joy” of his life.