Chris Evans Surprises Rescue Dogs At Shelter With Treats And Snuggles

Chris Evans is leaning into the dog days of summer, by helping shelter pets! Ahead of National Dog Day on August 26th, the “Captain America” star surprised rescue pups at Animal Haven in New York City and had their tails wagging! In a video posted to Jinx’s YouTube channel, Chris teamed up with the dog food brand to snuggle up with the adoptable canines and deliver them treats. In one tender moment, the 42-year-old even won over a nervous puppy. By the end of his visit, the “Ghosted” actor is man’s best friend’s best friend, as the pooches lather him with attention and kisses in exchange for a snack. “There are literally thousands of dogs waiting to be adopted all across the country, just like my dog Dodger. Let’s go meet some of them,” he says at the start of the video.