Dwayne Johnson Surprises Unsuspecting Fans On Hollywood Tour Bus: ‘The Best Part Of Fame’

Dwayne Johnson loves surprising his fans! On Sept. 26, the 51-year-old actor shared a hilarious Instagram video of himself surprising some unsuspecting tourists on a Hollywood homes tour bus. The Rock also tried to scope out if the riders had stopped by his own house yet. “Hey I just wanna see the Rock. If you Hollywood visitors ever see a big ol’ pickup truck rolling up on your tour bus – don’t be afraid, it’s just the People’s Champ lookin’ for free tacos and having fun. Enjoy my hood and stay away from my house (this kinda stuff is always the best part of fame ~ lots of happy faces;),” he captioned the post. This isn’t the first time the former WWE star has randomly pulled up next to a tour bus. On Sept. 5, Dwayne took to Instagram with another funny fan encounter, once again teasing the group to steer clear from driving by his house.